Websites and Online Stores

A good website is the core of any business strategy, especially a small business. In fact, online shopping has been increasing by at least 15% per year since 2001. Pixel Layer makes WordPress websites that will become the store-front of your business.

WordPress Websites

WordPress Websites

  • Hosting Setup.
  • Creation of custom email addresses.
  • Custom Homepage with matching colour scheme for rest of website.
  • Integrate into¬† Social Media.
Online Store

Online Store

  • Features of a WordPress Website.
  • Online store module added.
  • Upload products into online store.
  • Integrate into Social Media.
  • Product photography and description creation available at extra cost.
Products and Services

Custom Websites

When your business wants to stand out from the competitors, a unique website will give your business a point of difference. Some of the potential for your website include:

  • Animations and Page Transitions.
  • Interactive experiences.
  • Slide Show.
  • Online Games.
  • Virtual Books.
  • Virtual Tours.
  • Virtual Instruments.
  • Corporate Intranet.
  • Digital Art Sculpture.