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Pixel Layer Officially Launches

Pixel Layer Logo (Red Background)Pixel Layer has officially launched! Pixel Layer is a “digital media integration” service provider. They specialise in creating websites and videos then integrating them in to social media. Pixel Layer also creates online stores, photographs and written content.

Pixel Layer are based in Melbourne. The owner, Kevin Tuyau, has degrees in Business, IT and Media; This gives him the unique opportunity to understand the integration between web development, video production and social media for businesses and individuals alike.

Why would you need the services of Pixel Layer? The importance of digital media for business is increasing. If your business does not have a digital media presence, your business is missing out on sales. 90% of people search the internet for product information before buying a product and 46% of people look at social media when making an online purchase. People who viewed a recommended video were 97% more likely to buy the product.

We will come to your place of business (within Melbourne suburbs) and discuss what is right for you. If your are interested in more learning more digital media facts, and working on your digital media strategy, please visit the Pixel Layer website.